All Hands on Deck—A Luxury Perfume Maker is Now Producing Hand Sanitizer

All Hands on Deck—A Luxury Perfume Maker is Now Producing Hand Sanitizer
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Designer hand sanitizer doesn’t have the sexiest ring to it. I’m not sure such a thing even existed last week. But in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic affecting lives globally, brands are stepping up in a myriad of ways. Some are shutting down their brick-and-mortar locations. Others are promoting social distancing and the importance of self-care. But LVMH’s hand sanitizer initiative is a true standout that will undeniably benefit efforts to assist French health workers as they treat COVID-19 patients.

In case you didn’t know, LVMH is the parent company of many high-end perfume brands, including but not limited to Parfums Christian Dior, Givenchy Parfums, and Guerlain. It also houses Sephora-favorite makeup brands including Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Benefit Cosmetics and Make Up For Ever.

On Sunday (March 15), the company announced its plans to use facilities normally designated for cosmetic products to produce hydroalcoholic gels that will be sent to French hospitals. According to multiple news outlets, the decision came directly from Bernard Arnault, LVMH chairman and chief executive.

“LVMH will use the production lines of its perfume and cosmetic brands … to produce large quantities of hydroalcoholic gels from Monday,” said the company in an official statement. “These gels will be delivered free of charge to the health authorities. Through this initiative, LVMH intends to help address the risk of a lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the virus.”

The statement also notes that LVMH will honor this commitment for “as long as necessary, in connection with the French health authorities.” In related news, Purell has allegedly “dramatically increased production” to meet the stateside demand (and low supply) of hand sanitizer.

As always, remember this isn’t an excuse to skip soap and water. Let’s continue to follow the CDC’s recommendation and scrub, scrub, scrub for at least 20 seconds. And if you can, double-up your protection with an antibacterial lotion that replenishes moisture.