Luxe Nuxe


One of my favorite boutiques in all of New York is Ludavine. The quaint store is home to chic French brands not so readily available in the U.S.  I go there to stock up on Les Prairies de Paris shoes and invest in the season’s key Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno pieces. And now, to make the experience even more complete, I can pick-up Parisian beauty products as well. The owner Ludivine Grégoire recently branched out and has started carrying the entire French beauty line, Nuxe.

The line is quintessentially French: it’s led by an incredibly gorgeous woman, Aliza Jabes who says romantic things like “Nuxe’s DNA is the marriage of high rigor and a touch of poetry.” Her specialty is phytotherapy and aromatherapy and she focuses on combining nature, health, and beauty.  The line gained a cult following in the 90’s after it came out with its Huile Prodigieuse body oil. The website says that a bottle of Huile Prodigieuse is sold every 16 seconds!

Huile Prodigieuse is dry oil made out of St. Johns wort, hazelnut, macadamia, and vitamin E plant oils to soften your skin. It has a subtle fragrance so you can wear it year-round. While perusing the racks this weekend, I picked up the Huile Prodigieuse Or to wear during the summer because the iridescent gold particles illuminate your skin in a tasteful, très belle way.

Ludivine 172 West 4th St. New York, NY 10014 (646) 336-6576