Lush is Launching a Cosmetics Line That Will Lift Your Mood

Danielle Pistono

Lush Cosmetics is set to launch it’s first full cosmetics line, Emotional Brilliance, coming to stores July 21st. According to WWD, the collection will include 13 liquid lipsticks, 11 liquid eyeliners and six cream shadows. Each of these is designed to match consumers with shades that will help them feel more positive.

For over 30 years, Lush Cosmetics has been a company that strongly believes in making products that are actually organic and fresh, and they don’t just use that word as a marketing term.  They also limit their packaging to a minimum; some products even come “naked” which means they come with no packaging at all. You don’t have to worry about them testing products on animals because they strictly purchase their supplies from companies who do not commission tests on animals. Lush is a strong advocate in campaigns to ban animal cruelty used for testing of all cosmetics.

The products in the Emotional Brilliance line will be packaged in a clear glass bottle and retail for $22.95. Some of the vegan ingredients include jojoba oil, almond oil, candelilla and rose waxes, a rose petal infusion, capuacu butter and an herbal remedy called eyebright infusion.

According to WWD, a wooden wheel will be used to display the collection’s 30 hues in Lush stores around the world, which is meant to provide customers with a customized mood reading. Once they spin the wheel, consumers pick three colors that they are most drawn to at the moment. The shades selected are then placed in the center of the wheel and symbolize a person’s strengths or weaknesses and her subconscious need and talent.

Lush collaborated with strategic behavioral therapist Lady Kennedy to identify colors and their corresponding emotional trigger words, WWD explained.

Along with launching Emotional Brilliance, Lush will be releasing its first mascara, Eyes Right, a translucent powder and two skin tint pots, which are said to add a touch of highlighting or bronze glow. To help promote the launching of Emotional Brilliance, they released this fun video with a song that was written by the people at Lush. Check out the video below and let us know if you think you will be heading over to Lush to get some makeup to match your mood!


[Image courtesy of WWD]