Lush Does You A Solid, Launches Two New Facial Serums That Come In A Tin


Image courtesy of Lush

The people at Lush have been pushing a green agenda since before green was a word that people started using to reference more than a color. Their ethical line of skin and hair care has always been 100% vegetarian and they prize their natural ingredients so much so that you usually see chunks of them in the product; those are actual petals in your rose body polish. And most feature a label akin to what you would find in the supermarket with a date indicating when the item was packed that means your beauty products, like that ruby red grapefruit or chunk of camembert, are fresh when you buy them.

As if that wasn’t green enough, Lush is also devoted to creating items with little impact on the environment and their new facial serums (Full of Grace for dry types and Saving Face for oily and acne-prone) certainly fit the bill. The solid yup, you read that right serums look like tiny bars of soap and come housed in a refillable tin. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Saving Face variety at first, it’s slightly weird to rub on a solid serum, rather than the usual liquid, but you get used to it which is full of citrus, jojoba oil and thyme and smells like some kind of delicious marinade.

My skin veers towards the oily side in the warmer months so Ive used it as a nightly treatment rather than under my makeup during the day. And in keeping with Lushs impact-free philosophy, when I run out which will likely take many moons I can simply carry my trusty tin over to my neighborhood Lush store for a refill.

$13.95, at LUSH stores and

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