We Can Already Smell Lush’s Only Sale of the Year

We Can Already Smell Lush’s Only Sale of the Year
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One can barely walk by a Lush store without contending with a strong (mostly scent-related) desire to step inside. The purveyor of natural, fragrant and eco-friendly bath and body products is just that good, and the brand knows it. So while the rest of retail obsesses over the frenzy known as Black Friday, Lush’s Boxing Day 2018 sale takes a different approach.

Brands are discounting their products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at an increasingly dramatic rate. Historically, Sephora stores even open up their doors for a few hours on Thanksgiving day. Some brands, like Urban Decay, host sales for 10 days. Generally speaking, brands drive customers to their stores (online or otherwise) with deals they don’t see any other day of the year. Except for Lush.

On Nov. 23 (otherwise known as Black Friday), Lush launched a line called Lush Moods. The line has been available in the U.K. for some time, but the new products finally made their stateside debut. Highlights include shower bombs (panacea for the bathtub-less amongst us) like Not Sleepy Showerbomb. How does a shower bomb work, you ask? According to the Lush website, all you need to do is “hold your shower bomb under the rain of water and watch it expand. Take a deep breath, allow the essential oils to surround you and scoop up the foam and use it to cleanse, going back for more until the bomb is all gone.” Wow, we’ll take three.

How about that Boxing Day sale, though? Lush was founded in the 1970’s by a beautician and a trichologist (essentially a hair doctor) in Poole, England. Given its English heritage, Lush’s biggest (and likely only) sale of the year takes place on Boxing Day, or Dec. 26.

STYLECASTER | Lush Mother's Day Collection

Lush Cosmetics.

In accordance with the British tradition of Boxing Day, Lush’s BOGO Sale begins the day after Christmas at 9 a.m. EST. According to the brand’s website, the deals will include “all our limited edition holiday items and gifts, plus select year-round items. Visit the BOGO section from our home page or look for the blue “buy one get one” bubbles to see what’s included in the offer.” Shoppers can add a total of 40 items to their cart with the applied discount, which means this is the absolute best day to shop Lush, and to shop it in bulk.

Half-off festive body care is really the best way to keep that holiday spirit alive. Below, the chicest items we hope are still available when we awake on Dec. 26, 2018.


Photo: LUSH.

Perle De Sel Bath Bomb, $7 at Lush Cosmetics

If I happened to be at a Michelin-star restaurant, I would try to eat this limited-edition bath bomb. It’s the perfect cheap-yet-elegant present for someone stylish you’d gift with a Clare Vivier pouch, in an ideal world.


Photo: LUSH.

Butterbear Bath Bomb, $4.95 at Lush Cosmetics

Where to start? We can’t stop cooing at this polar bear. Paddington-silhouette aside, it’s packed with cocoa butter, which your winter skin will drink up like its going out of style.


Photo: LUSH.

Star Light Star Bright Bath Bomb, $8.95 at Lush Cosmetics 

When this puppy dissolves, it infuses your bath water with lavender, turquoise and metallic silver streaks designed to mimic a shooting star. We’ve never seen a shooting star, and this sounds like a cozy, colorful alternative.