Lupita Nyong’o Just Wore the Perfect Fuchsia Lipstick for Brown Skin

Lupita Nyong’o Just Wore the Perfect Fuchsia Lipstick for Brown Skin
Photo: Getty Images

Photographers may have their way with retouched magazine covers, but there’s one place Lupita Nyong’o need not worry about her glorious, textured hair being erased: the red carpet. Yesterday, the Oscar winner made a show-stopping appearance at the Hollywood premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” where she sparkled in a curve-hugging Halpern dress and matching heels.

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Of course, what we’re really paying attention to is the makeup and per usual, Lupita is the perfect canvas for brown girl-friendly makeup. Her makeup artist Nick Barose spoke with Us Weekly’s “Stylish” about the inspiration behind her look and went as far as to share the exact shade he used on her pout–praise the makeup gods!

Using her green dress as a backdrop, he decided that a pop of purple would be the best choice for her lips. Finding just the right shade for your skin tone can be tricky–especially with so many options available–but if you have darker skin, Barose suggests leaning toward something with more of a pink undertone.

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“We went for bright fuchsia lips to go with her sparkly green dress,” he said. “Purple is an unexpected bold lip color that seems hard to pull off, but you can make it work for you by choosing shades that are a bit more pink.”

After prepping her lips with the Lancome Absolute Precious Cells Nourishing Lip Balm (full disclosure: Nyong’o is a Lancome spokeswoman), he lined her lips with a purple lip pencil and filled them with Lancome Lipstick Color Design Lipstick in Hit List and added a bit of sheen with the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Berry in Love.

You can get the scoop on more of Lupita’s look, including her plum eyeshadow, by reading the rest of Barose’s exclusive interview. Until then, we’ll be gawking over this red carpet slay and waiting for the next one.