Lupita Nyong’o Uses This ‘Gentle’ Oil to Remove Her Makeup

Lupita Nyong’o Uses This ‘Gentle’ Oil to Remove Her Makeup
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Since winning an Academy Award for “12 Years a Slave,” Lupita Nyong’o has not only continued to star in critically-acclaimed films; she’s also morphed into a modern-day beauty icon. With her beautiful, dark brown skin and kinky coils, the 34-year-old is leading the charge in celebrating beauty standards that defy the mainstream and uplift women from all walks of life.

Oh, and she’s a bonafide red carpet style star, too. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the actress, who’s making the press rounds with her “Black Panther” family and as expected, we’re learning more about how she stays glowy and fabulous along the way. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Nyong’o balanced playing with puppies and chatting about her latest project.

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But more importantly, she spilled the tea we really wanted–what is she putting on her skin and where can we find it? Her routine obviously includes plenty of Lancome, the brand for which she’s a spokesperson, but she’s also “religious” about making sure she doesn’t sleep with makeup on.

“I’m a low-maintenance kind of person. I stay hydrated and then I use a light moisturizer — Lancôme day cream — that’s known as Énergie de Vie,” she said. “I try and not wear makeup when I don’t need it and then I’m very religious about taking my makeup off. [I use] avocado oil to take off my makeup because it’s gentle.” She’s drop dead gorgeous and has an attainable beauty routine. Seriously, why can’t we be best friends?

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Avocado and other essential oils are no-brainer picks for those with super dry skin; especially during the winter season. Get the low-down on some of them here if you want to incorporate them into your routine like Lupita.