Lucy Hale Is Obsessed With this $7 Concealer Infused With Salicylic Acid for Nixing Breakouts

Elizabeth Denton
Lucy Hale Is Obsessed With this $7 Concealer Infused With Salicylic Acid for Nixing Breakouts
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Lucy Hale and I go way back. I’ve interviewed her a bunch of times in the course of my career, especially during the prime Pretty Little Liars days. We were both in our 20s then (I’m a little older than her) and cared a little more about what other people think. Now, both in our 30s, we’re focusing on feeling confident in our skin — healthy-looking skin. When I sat down with Hale in Los Angeles last week, she made it clear that’s one thing she’s focusing on. Because it’s not about hiding your “flaws” but embracing your unique skin.

The Almay ambassador is also getting savvier when it comes to skincare. “When I was younger, I just thought I could use anything and do anything but I have combination skin, I have breakout-prone skin,” she tells STYLECASTER. That means, she avoids pore-clogging heavy creams and oils. She partnered with Almay years ago because she says, the fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products just work well for her, especially the Clear Complexion line, which recently got an update.

“If you have a zit, it’s not going to clog your pores even more,” she says.

almay clear complexion concealer


It’s important to Hale that she use skin-friendly makeup because she likes a full glam at times, as well as experimenting with her look. “I love taking risks and trying something new,” she says. “I never want to do the same thing. I guess in a sense as I’ve grown, my confidence has grown so therefore I’m like, okay, yeah, let’s try no mascara and a bold lip or let’s try blue shadow or, you know, just things that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to wear when I was younger.”

When it comes to everyday makeup, she keeps things simple. She first applies concealer (before foundation!) and then mixes two shades of Almay Clear Complexion Foundation ($19.50 at Amazon ).

almay foundation


“I apply it always damp a sponge and press it in because I feel like you still get coverage but it’s not cakey and it’s good for everyday wear,” she says. Then comes mascara. Hale likes Almay Length & Lift Mascara ($6.99 at Amazon ), especially because of the brush. “I’m so picky about makeup brushes but this one is perfect,” she says. “Bristle mascara is the best and this one is conditioning. You can, like, get in there to all the lashes.”

almay mascara


For her lips, Hale loves the soft matte formula of Almay Lip Vibes ($6.98 at Amazon ) with its 20+ shade options. “Treat Yourself is my favorite,” she says. “It’s this beautiful red, like classic old Hollywood red.”

almay vibes


Hale loves to experience but there are some things she keeps herself from trying. For example, she wanted to give bleached brows a try but decided it might be a bit too trendy. “My alter ego is like, ‘Luc, you’ve been blessed with thick brows, don’t mess with them,” she says. The French girl bob is also on her radar. “It’s just the commitment of bangs,” she says. “I hate anything in my face. And that is pretty much 24/7. I’m nearing that though. I feel like if I did anything that might be my next.” We’re waiting.

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