Lucy Hale On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Premiere, Orange Lipstick, and Rocking Short Hair

Rachel Adler

Lucy Hale is one of our favorite Pretty Little Liars for many reasons not only is she undeniably lovable, but she knows how to rock bold lipstick and liner and keeps us guessing when it comes to her hairstyles – something that we must appreciate when it comes to ladies who frequent the red carpet. We had time to sit down with her at a recent mark. girl event, and while we of course had to talk all things beauty – we also got to talk about the upcoming summer premiere of Liars.

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Hale gave us some teasers about the show (airing tonight, June 2nd on ABC Family), and said that there will be a significant time jump and we’ll finally get some information as to who this Charles character really is.

She also said that she’s loving her short haircut – which has gotten notably shorter over the last few weeks – but hinted that she may want to try a new shade soon. To find out what she said about her hair, trying out orange lipstick, and of course, PLL, watch the video above!