Lucy Hale Just Got a Seriously Cool Comb-Over Bob

Lucy Hale Just Got a Seriously Cool Comb-Over Bob
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We’re pretty sure that there’s some sort of secret hair contest going on that nobody told us about, but that Lucy Hale is currently winning—a contest for who can have the most hair changes in a set time period. Because in less than a year, Hale has dyed her hair blonde, then added some auburn streaks to it, then chopped off her waves into a legit, ear-length bob, then dyed that bob jet black, and now, Hale has taken to Instagram to show off her new super-piece-y, messy, combover-like (fake) bob, and we’re freaking obsessed.

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Really; this isn’t just another ode to Hale’s hair, but maybe one to her bomb-ass hairstylist, Kristin Ess, who is the mastermind behind all of Hale’s major hair changes, both the very permanent hair chops, and the very real-looking fake-outs, like this grungy bob. As Hale captioned the photo she posted to Instagram, “When @kristin_ess knows how to fake an even shorter haircut on you and now you want to actually do it one day …”

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Credit: Instagram | @lucyhale

Though we can’t see the back of Hale’s head, we’re guessing that Ess first teased and sprayed Hale’s roots a bit for volume, then rolled and pinned the longest layers to the nape of her neck, before combing over her shorter layers for a swooped effect. Either way, though, Hale’s hair looks seriously cool, and we’re guessing that based on her caption—and the fact that she’s winning the secret contest—she’ll actually get this haircut for real very soon. To which we say, yes, please!

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