Lucy Hale Showed Off Her Dark Circles in a Stunning, Makeup-Free Selfie

Lucy Hale Showed Off Her Dark Circles in a Stunning, Makeup-Free Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

Lucy Hale has nothing to hide—literally and figuratively. After seven years on “Pretty Little Liars,” the 28-year-old actress has bared every detail, secret, and skeleton in front of audiences, and now, she’s taking that transparency to her Instagram feed.

On Monday, the “Life Sentence” star posted a no-makeup selfie sure to stop you in your tracks. (Or at least pause your Instagram scrolling.) The stunning, makeup-free picture showed Hale outside with wild, tousled red hair and a face bare of any makeup. But aside rom Hale’s wavy, just-left-the-beach lob, the real stars of the Instagram were her dark circles and unconcealed eyes.

Without a drop of makeup on her face, Hale gave her a followers a full glimpse of her under-eye area—because, hey, celebrities have dark circles and eye bags, too. The makeup-free shot inspired dozens of Hale’s followers to write comments like “never wear makeup again” and “natural beauty.”

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Though it’s everyone’s choice to wear or not wear makeup, it’s always refreshing to see a celebrity with millions of Instagram followers, like Hale, encourage fans to embrace their natural beauty. Celebrities are like us. They have messy hair, baggy eyes, and dark circles, and we’re so glad Hale reminded us of that.