Fact: Lucy Hale Gets Cystic Acne, and This is How She Treats It

Fact: Lucy Hale Gets Cystic Acne, and This is How She Treats It
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If you’ve ever had hormonal acne—especially cystic acne—you know how mind-numbingly frustrating and anxiety-producing it is. And though yes, most humans deal with the occasional breakout, it can still feel isolating when you’re battling a deep cystic zit that refuses to come to a head. So when we heard that Lucy Hale not only struggles with cystic acne, but also has an intense skin-care routine to battle it, we promptly freaked the hell out.

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“The day I turned 21, my skin just went nuts,” said Hale in an interview with Byrdie, noting that she battles hormonal issues and cystic acne breakouts, and only recently found a routine that works. Annoyingly, though, her routine doesn’t include just one miracle product that clears up cystic zits overnight, because sadly, nothing topical ever can (cystic zits are hormone-based, so the only true treatment is either oral birth control, hormone-regulating meds, or a cortisone injection into each individual zit—none of which are without side effects).

Instead, Hale’s regimen includes the cult-favorite DHC Deep Cleansing Oil—“Double cleansing is what it’s really about for me,” she says, refusing to go to bed with a speck of makeup on—before washing her face with the super-gentle Restorsea Reviving Cleanser and a Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing Brush, and layering a “ton of serums,” moisturizers, and eye creams from Is Clinical and SkinCeuticals. Twice a week, Hale also exfoliates with Lancer The Method, a pumpkin- and pomegranate-based scrub, and of course, gets regular facials. “She’s the shit,” said Hale about her facialist Molly M. Lucio at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center in Los Angeles. “I’m really diligent about facials. If I can go once a week, I’ll do it.”

So, you know, it’s a process. It also doesn’t hurt that Hale is a mega-celeb with her own team of doctors and derms on-call (at least, we can assume so) to make her skin as awesome as possible, so don’t assume that copying her routine will give you the same results. But if you’re looking for a new routine and you also love Lucy Hale, then bam, you’ve got your new shopping list.

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