12 Beauty Secrets We Learned From Lucy Hale

Victoria Moorhouse
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There’s a whole lot of secrets we know Lucy Hale wouldn’t share with us… mainly, everything that happens in the next installment of “Pretty Little Liars”—which is definitely our favorite guilty pleasure tv show. But the topic she will gladly talk about? Beauty—and the lady has a wealth of knowledge in this department. We had the chance to sit down for a breakfast with our favorite TV star, who is also the face of avon’s mark. cosmetics, to talk about her own personal beauty evolution, those eyebrows (duh), her all-time favorite products, and of course, a little bit about what Aria will look like five years in the future. Before you tune into ABC’s special flash-forward episode of PLL on November 24th, this is essential reading.

1. Haven’t caught up on “PLL” recently? No big deal. The new season will be a great jumping-off point.
“We’ve done a five-year time jump. So you get to figure out where the girls have gone to college, their new careers, new relationships, new wardrobe, new hair. And you get to figure out what happened during those five years. What’s great about it is that there are so many episodes of our show. We shot 150-something, so for people who don’t want to start from the beginning, you can actually start from the time-jump and not feel completely lost. We’re older. It’s still the classic feel of the show, it’s just a little more grown up.”

2. Aria will have a brand new look.
“It’s a lot more toned down. Aria was always the one that was very glamorous—you’re going through turmoil and you’ve got like lashes on! But now she’s a lot more natural, which I like.”

3. Lucy is all about her new short hair.
“I can’t even remember having long hair now. I miss having it to braid and do fun things. I can barley fit it in a ponytail now. I feel like short hair definitely suits me.”

4. She embraces her full brows… and we do, too.
“I was always the little girl with the unibrow. You go through the brow evolution and like now, I don’t do anything to them now; I finally found the shape that works for me. All I do is kind of fill them in a little bit. I’ve just had horror stories where either I over-pluck them or then finally, they grew back out and I let someone touch them and it was a disaster. So I was like, ‘I vow to never let anyone touch them again.’ It’s been a couple years now. Long live the big brows!”

5. Lucy can cover-up a zit like a pro.
I can cover up a zit like no one. I use a liquid eyeliner brush and I dip it in the concealer. I’m like OCD. I want no spots. I dip it in powder and then set it.”

6. She feels super confident in berry liptick—specifically, mark.’s Vixen Lipstick. ($11, avon.com)
I think it’s really more different than your standard red lip. Not that many people wear it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve liked to do things that not that many people try.”

7. Lucy wants girls to embrace what makes them different. Solid beauty advice, no?
“I don’t think like young girls are told enough that what makes you different, makes you cool. I didn’t really feel like that when I was younger. I had big eyebrows and had braces and stuff, and I feel like that is unconventionally beautiful. But I wish girls would embrace their quirks a little bit more because I’ve always thought the stranger-looking people are the most beautiful, and obviously, the most confident as well.”

8. Elizabeth Taylor is one of her beauty icons.
“I’m into old school Elizabeth Taylor right now. It’s the brows. I love the classics. I love Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.”

9. She has a super low-maintenance beauty routine.
“My beauty routine when I don’t have to do anything—concealer where I need it, mascara, and lip balm—Lucas Paw-Paw balm from Australia. You have to special order it. Very low-maintenance. Just because I’m always getting made up. I love when you [Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan] do my makeup, but I’m not a fan of spending hours in the morning. I used to when I was a little girl going to school. When I was a little bit younger, I would wake up an hour and a half before and do my hair and do my makeup. I never believed when people were like, ‘Less is more. When you get older, you won’t care.’ Yeah, OK—but it’s really true, and I’m finally at that point where I’m like, ‘You’re right! Less is more.'”

10. The weirdest thing in her bag is almond butter. 
“I have weird snacks. Like, I like Justin’s Almond Butter Packets. I have a couple phone cases. Vitamins. I always have a very large purse. I always have a phone charger. Every kind of mint or candy. I think the random almond butter packets is the kicker.”

11. Lucy’s vanity probably looks just like yours. No lie.
“I go through waves of being organized or wanting to clean through and place my lipsticks out and according to shapes. My everyday stuff is a mess—it’s all over my counter. But the stuff that I never touch and just look at, it’s pretty impeccable. It’s neatly put, but I’m overall a very mess person. I have to admit.”

12. Facials are her biggest beauty indulgence.
“I’m pretty loyal to my facialist. I’ve tried all different kinds of facial products. I have really sensitive skin. I’m acne-prone. I’ve struggled with my skin, so I have to keep it really basic. But the one thing I have to be consistent about is a facial every two weeks.”

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