Lucy Hale Debuts Perfect Amber Hair—and Here’s Exactly How to Copy It

Lucy Hale Debuts Perfect Amber Hair—and Here’s Exactly How to Copy It
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It’s a wonder that Lucy Hale’s hair is still attached to her head, considering that she seems to dye it approximately once a month. Last time we checked, she’d caved to the siren song of blonde, showing off a decidedly lighter look on Instagram, courtesy hair goddess Kristin Ess. Actually, Ess must be some sort of hair genie, because Hale is now rocking a fall-appropriate burnt-caramel look, and all we can say is: 😍. Also, 😋. And, why not, 🤑.

Ess shared her CliffsNotes on the style, revealing to her followers how they can attempt to recreate Hale’s honeyed hair at a salon near them. First of all, obey the first commandment of hair salon etiquette: Never show up empty handed. “Always a pic!!” Ess wrote. As to what to ask for specifically: “A warm auburn brown base w amber toned highlights” should do the trick, she wrote.

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Not only is Hale’s hair firmly attached to her head after all of these changes, it’s healthy AF. And though she passionately extolled the benefits of short hair not long ago, she now appears to be growing out her mane. “I can’t even remember having long hair now,” she told us last year. “I miss having it to braid and do fun things. I can barely fit it in a ponytail now. I feel like short hair definitely suits me.”

Perhaps, but—good news, Lucy: Long hair does too. Blonde, brunette, amber-haired: Hale looks good no matter what she does with her hair. We’ll be over here at the sidelines, cheering her on. (And possibly booking a salon appointment ASAP to try this honeyed amber, TBD.)

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