Lucy Boynton’s “Galactic Kitty Wings” Are Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Elizabeth Denton
Lucy Boynton’s “Galactic Kitty Wings” Are Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen
Photo: Shutterstock.

Oh, how we’ve missed her. While doing press for Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucy Boynton turned out all the stops with the coolest makeup looks around. Now, Boynton is back with a killer cat eye at a Los Angeles screening for her new Ryan Murphy series, The Politician. (I cannot wait for this show.) Boynton used this moment to make us all gasp again with eye makeup that just looks cooler from every angle. As always, makeup artist Jo Baker is responsible for her eye-catching look, which she’s calling “Galactic Kitty Wings.”

Baker shared a video to Instagram of her newest creation. She kept the rest of Boynton’s face natural, with brushed-up brows and nude lips. It’s all about the eyes here. There are two distinct black wings on each eye, which blend into her silver eyelids. It’s a futuristic take on the basic cat eye. “Galactic Kitty Wings…. on sweet space cadet #lucyboynton,” Baker wrote on Instagram.

We’re still dreaming about all the looks these two created for Bohemian Rhapsody press and are stoked we’re about to get even more. Remember that amazing graphic eyeliner Boynton wore to the 2019 SAG Awards? And then there was her 2019 Oscars look, where she went for a dreamy pink eye and, surprisingly, pink lipstick. And who can forget that silver stripe for a pre-Met Gala event? Baker is an incredibly creative artist.

What makes Baker so genius is the way she chooses simple ideas, like a cat eye, and takes them to the next level. Why do one wing when you can do two? Why add a classic red lip when a nude face will keep all eyes on the silver lids? It’s about making those small decisions that make a huge impact. The Politician doesn’t premiere on Netflix until September so we’re about to have a lot more killer beauty looks from Baker and Boynton. We can’t wait.