7 Amazing Low Ponytails You’ll Love

Victoria Moorhouse

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As far as low-maintenance hairstyles go, we’re loving low ponytails. They can get you out of any bad hair day in about 3 seconds flat (trust us) and there are tons of ways to spice up the look that are totally perfect for fall. So next time you’re drawing a blank as to what to do with your locks, skip the topknot and try out one of these gorgeous low-slung styles instead.

simple ponytail


Wrapping a section of hair around the base of your ponytail is the easiest way to upgrade your hairstyle. It’s easier to achieve when your hair is a little damp and prepped with a styling cream. Be sure to secure the look with bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray—we opt for flexible versions that don’t leave hair shiny, like R+Co’s Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($17, barneys.com).

wrapped ponytail


But you don’t have to use your own hair to cover up the elastic. Wrap ribbon, string, or lacing around the base of the ponytail to add texture, color, and to further secure your look. Tip: make sure you create the ponytail and secure it with your elastic and hairspray before tying on your accessory so that it doesn’t slip out and ruin your hairstyle completely.

section ponytail


Section off the length of your low ponytail with elastics to re-create this look above. How many sections you create is totally up to you, but try to keep them all as uniformed as you can. Bonus: it’s the perfect style to keep your hair neat, untangled, and in order during a workout.

twisted ponytail


Incorporate gorgeous twists into your low ponytail by twisting two sections of hair on either side of your head! Pull back all your hair and secure it for this pretty, simple look.

messy ponytail


So your ponytail fell out a little bit. No big deal—let it loose and embrace the mess to copy this tousled, low-key look. Think how cute it will look with a hat!

low ponytail


Dress the look up by straightening your hair beforehand and securing the ponytail mid-way down the hair shaft. The goal is to keep fly-aways to a minimum, so be sure to blow-dry your hair with a product that fights frizz like TREsemme’s Perfect Polish Get Sleek Blow Dry Balm ($6, walgreens.com).

braided ponytail


French braid from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck and secure the plait with a tiny elastic to get this take on the ponytail.

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