Low Maintenance Hairstyles from Pinterest

Emily Rekstis

We all have those Monday mornings where blow drying and styling our hair to the perfect wavy texture is just not an option. So instead you just roll out of bed, maybe run a brush through it, and call it a day. Trust us, we get it.

That doesn’t mean you have to show up to your 9 a.m. meeting with a bad case of bedhead. There are plenty of low maintenance hairstyles out there to throw together quickly instead. These are some of our favorites that we found on Pinterest to make your next lazy Monday morning look a bit better.

This low twisted pony takes all of about two minutes to recreate. Just twisting the chunks of hair from the front, securing them, and pulling the pony over and through an opening above the elastic, you’ve got yourself an intricate but easy low pony. What makes it so low maintenance is that it works with whatever the natural texture is of your hair.

Top knots are a great quick updo for a lazy morning because they can be messily executed and still turn out totally chic. For an extra detail, do a small braid up the back to keep all the little hairs up an off your neck. No one will believe you slept passed your alarm when you walk in with this.

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Who knew bobby pins could show and actually look cute? This half-up hairstyle is a life changing easy trick. The triangle hair accessory the bobby pin creates a more sophisticated look then what we know it actually is.

You don’t need long hair to do all these low maintenance hairstyles. It’s as simple as twist or loosely braid the front hairs, tuck and pin them underneath the top layer of hair. Keeping your hair off your face, you’re left with a simply polished look.

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We love a good top knot, but a low knot like this one is great for the lazy morning primarily because the messier it is the better. Just pull your hair back on either side, knot them around one another, and tuck away any excess hair with randomly placed bobby pins. And if hair falls out, it only adds to the look.

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