Low-Maintenance Styling Tips for Every Type of Bangs

Victoria Moorhouse

The concept of low-maintenance bangs isn’t just a figment of your imagination. Whether you love blunt fringe or side-swept looks, wearing and caring for this trend is so much easier when you learn a few helpful styling tricks. We turned to Dante Pronio, senior stylist at mizu new york salon, for tips on how to make three popular styles of bangs as carefree as humanly possible.

hannah simone blunt bangs

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Blunt Bangs
OK, bad news first: This particular style is 100 percent going to need some sort of attention. Pronio says that if you don’t want to use a blow dryer and a brush, you might want to reconsider your options. But that doesn’t mean to have to be a pro hair stylist to wear them right.

The first step is staying on top of your trims, which will solve most of your problems. Then comes the styling tricks. “To make a cowlick or wavy hair cooperate, simply use a small flat brush and blow the fringe side to side to stretch out the hair,” he instructs. “Then finish by blowing the fringe under with the flat brush.”

He says that you can also go to bed with a silk scarf tied around your head to keep them flat and in place—just don’t forget to cleanse the skin on your forehead regularly to prevent breakouts.

zooey deschanel bangs

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Side-Swept Bangs
Pronio says this style has an extremely low level of commitment, as they can be easily hidden into the rest of your hairstyle as you grow them out and will look a lot like layers. If you have wavy or straight hair, you’re in luck—those are the hair types that Pronio says work best with this bangs style.

In terms of styling, you’ll want to pay attention to how they dry. “Start by blowing [your hair with a dryer] side to side with your hands, then take the section of fringe and blow it back with a round brush,” notes Pronio. “This will keep the fringe sitting back and give a sexy movement to the hair.”

If you’d rather air-dry, just make sure your bangs are parted how you want them and go easy on the hair products in this area. In our experience, too much cream or spray can make bangs look greasy fast.

kerry washington bangs

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Piece-y Bangs
This defined style is popular, thanks to celebrities such as Kerry Washington and Dakota Johnson. Versatile in nature, they can be worn blunt in front or to the side. Basically, it’s the dream bangs style for the girl who can’t make up her mindthey’re pretty low-maintenance, too. Pronio suggests styling them similar to side-swept bangs by blowing them back but making sure they don’t appear “flippy” by keeping them straighter.

If you want a blunter style, use Pronio’s tip and blow your bangs under with a flat brush.

Our editors have given these bangs a try and have found that a fine-toothed comb has given them the control they need to dry style without pulling the bangs down and flat to the face. Also of note: Be sure your bangs are almost completely dry before you hit the hay to avoid weird bends or flips that can be hard to tame in the morning without a wash.

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