Beauty Recipe: Low Chignon

Michelle Grossman
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Buns may just be the greatest thing you can do with your hair. Why? Because when all else fails, the bun simply never does. One of our favorite go-to bun looks has to be the low chignon. Although it may sound and look fancy, it’s actually so easy to achieve. Rocking the low chignon will keep you looking polished and like you put tons of effort into your look, when it was really a walk in the park. Below, we break down the recipe to your low chignon look.

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Shine Serum: The low chignon is a sleek look, so shine serum is a must. Use a dime size amount of your favorite product to smooth away fly-aways and keep everything in place.

Hair Elastic: Take a hair elastic and secure your hair in a low pony-tail at the nape of your neck. If you have a “bungee” on hand, use that to help really secure the hair in place without causing any bumps.

Bobby Pins: Begin twisting the ponytail around itself and then wrap the twisted hair around where you placed the elastic. Place the bobby pins into the twisted bun to hold it in place. Bonus tip: spraying the bobby pins with hairspray before hand works great for extra hold.