A New Device Wants to Count the Calories You Burn During Sex


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Photo: Getty


Forget about tracking your fitness goals through JawBone and various health apps, there’s a new device in the works called Lovely that monitors how many calories you’re burning during sex.

Essentially an all-in-one sex coach, fitness tracker, and sex toy, Lovely looks like a small, vibrating, egg-shaped silicone device that slips onto the base of your guy’s penis during sex and feeds information to an app.

The gadget then sends information straight to your smartphone, tracking your body movements during sex and counting the number of calories you’re burning. Afterwards, you can skip the spooning to log on and see information you never knew you needed–like the top speed you reached (seriously!), duration, and suggested positions to improve things for next time. It’ll even give you some context around the number of calories burned by letting you know how long it would take to nix the same amount by doing less enjoyable activities like jogging.

lovely sex appPhoto: Lovely

Right now, Lovely is only a prototype, but a fundraising campaign was just launched on IndieGogo to get the device up and running within the next 12 months–so stay tuned.

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