Meet the Expensive-Looking Lingerie Label Made for Women with Small Boobs

lace bralettePure White Camomile Bra, $30.55; at Love and Lace (Photo: Love and Lace)

Somewhere between the ages of 16 and 18, I resigned myself to the fact that cleavage just wasn’t going to be a thing for me. Booty, yes. But boobs? Not a chance.

As devastating as it was not to fill out a tube top in the early 2000s, as I progressed through my early- and then mid-20s, I realized that a small bust does have one little perk (pun unintended): Beautiful lace bralettes are an everyday underwear option. Not needing underwire (or, if I’m totally honest, a bra at all) makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier—and more comfortable, I might add. I don’t have the physical requirement of actual support, so my options are much more flexible, which means I can have fun with bra shopping.

I’ve always loved the look of a little lace bralette, and I appreciate the comfort of a soft, underwire-free garment. Unfortunately, this appreciation for pretty but completely nonfunctional under-things was actually becoming quite an indulgence. Agent Provocateur charges upwards of $200 for its bralettes, La Perla commands a whopping $160, and Eres‘s delicate lace versions—while totally stunning—go for $300.

lace braOrange Bloom Bra, $25.40; at Love and Lace (Photo: Love and Lace)

That’s literally hundreds of dollars for a whisper of lace, and it was becoming tough to justify, especially considering the garment serviced basically no real purpose. So a few weeks ago I started browsing the web on a mission for a less pricey but just as pretty alternative—and I found it. Love and Lace is a beautiful and youthful Polish boutique lingerie label with delicate bralettes that would look right at home alongside any of the upmarket brands I just listed.

There’s one key difference though: Once you convert the currencies, Love and Lace pieces start from as little as $25. Even when you factor in shipping (around $11), it’s still a brilliant find. It’s also targeted specifically to women with smaller busts (me!), offering bras between an A and a C cup.

Pieces might not cost much, but the collection certainly doesn’t feel cheap—bras are handmade from swanky fabrics like French lace and super soft Italian silk. So while I’ll probably never bust out of a triangle bikini, at least I’ll always have a top drawer busting with luxe European lingerie.

lace braletteBlack Leaves Bra, $25.40; at Love and Lace (Photo: Love and Lace)

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