Louise Roe on How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Laurel Pinson

It’s safe to say that Louise Roe has given out her fair share of style advice. As the host of NBC’s “Fashion Star” and the makeover show “Plain Jane,” she’s guided dozens of people through tough wardrobe decisions and fashion quandaries.

Upon meeting her at her Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles, however, Orly Shani found the TV presenter only too happy to pass along countless more style tips—from learning how to put on a false lash to knowing when to make a big splurge. (As she says in this latest episode of The Unexpected Insider, “Don’t buy it unless you can visualize at least three outfits that you already own in which it can fit.”)

More than advice, however, it was Roe’s closet that proved most dazzling. The stylist has an entire room devoted to her clothing and accessories—there are trays filled with jewelry, bins packed to the brim with purses and clutches, and even a wall of shoes. Of course, many of the accessories in her closet come from her own line with Stylistpick—now in its fourth season—and Roe playfully modeled several different pieces for Shani and the Unexpected Insider crew in between takes.

Try the Trend! In this episode of The Unexpected Insider, Roe gives a lot of tips for channeling your “inner sass,” one of which includes wearing lace, a look that’s been a huge trend both on the runways and on the streets. One could argue that the look really took off in earnest after Kate Middleton sported a lacy gown by Alexander McQueen on her royal wedding day in 2011.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and buy a lace cocktail dress or a lace gown of your own, you can easily mix in simple touches of lace to your existing wardrobe with items like a lacy top, a lace-trimmed pencil skirt, or even a simple dress with a touch of lace on the back. And don’t restrict yourself to black and white! Designers have been experimenting with lace in colors like cobalt and pale pink for spring, with seriously chic results.