Not Even Pat McGrath Can Make Silver-Painted Ears a Thing

Rachel Krause


When jewelry just isn’t enough to make a statement, it makes sense that we look to all kinds of alternatives. A bold lipstick, an elaborate hairstyle, a more dramatic approach to eye makeup? These are all fair choices for elevating your overall look. Painting your ears? Let’s just say that’s something we hadn’t thought of yet.

Today is the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and the Louis Vuitton show was, as always, a fine finish to the month. But we’re not exactly jiving with the idea of trading in our standard ear bling for this very creative take, executed by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath for the runway. We’ve fully embraced ear jewelry trends, namely OTT embellished cuffs, but the silver-painted ear just isn’t one of those things that will translate well to real life. Like, at all.

There is an aesthetically pleasing factor to the look—so shiny! so sparkly!—but we strongly doubt it’s something we’ll see adopted by celebrities and street-style trendsetters. However, we’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

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