Game Changer: This At-Home Hair Color Requires No Prep

Rachel Krause


In our  series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines. 

Coloring your hair at home, while a fraction of the cost of a professional service, is always a gamble. The pressure of the preparation alone is the stuff of nightmares—mix this with that in this bottle, and make sure this doesn’t touch that, and make sure you use it within the next 10 minutes, and whatever you do, don’t save anything left over.

The latest and greatest innovation from the brand that invented hair color seeks to eliminate every last one of these DIY anxieties. L’Oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue ($14.99, is the first reusable automatic hair color. But what does that mean?

It means that the technology behind the sleek-looking product involves two canisters, one containing dye, the other containing activator. They’re kept separate from one another within the packaging until you press down on the button in the center, at which point they automatically combine to create a fully formulated, ready-to-use mousse, dispensed right into your hand. That’s right: No mixing or measuring necessary.

Because the ingredients remain unmixed until you choose to dispense the dye, you can save the leftovers. In fact, one box of Mousse Absolue contains enough dye for two sessions, and you can touch up roots or greys in minutes when necessary without mixing up a whole new batch. And that, my friends, is what they call a Game Changer.

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