Wait, What Was Wrong with Lorde’s Eye at Fashion Week?

Rachel Krause


Don’t panic (probably): Lorde may have rolled in to the Yeezy Season 2 spectacle with a red, painful-looking right eye, but the pop star took to Instagram to assure followers that the, um, situation was not contagious. After all, we hate to think that she’d be short-sighted enough to expose her fellow FROW-ers Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci, and even baby North West to any kind of icky ocular condition.

It’s our best guess that Lorde has allergies to thank for her eye’s swollen appearance—and, she notes, her chapped lips—but regardless of the cause, she played it off like a champ, even going so far as to rock a pretty perfect flick of black liner on her unaffected eye. We kind of have to give her props for not missing out on the fun for fear of what other people thought; “it’s a Kanye show where the freaks are beautiful,” she pointed out, “so why not say fuck it and let’s dance with the melodrama?”


Melodrama, indeed. We can’t imagine that any of the celebrities and fashion bigwigs she encountered would be too thrilled to see what looks like a communicable infection (with the notable exception of Drake, who was photographed embracing Lorde like he ain’t afraid of no pink eye), but hey, it’s probably just fine. And if it isn’t? Well, some people will do anything to be seen in Kanye’s front row, even risk creating an epidemic.

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