LORAC Creator Explains How to Best Use Eye Shadow to Define Eyes

Rachel Adler

With the Academy Awards approaching, we’re reminded to free our night to watch for the best-dressed stars of the evening — and the worst, of course. But along with fashion’s good and bad comes the ladies with the most flawlessly done makeup, and the girls that step out of the beauty box. We’ll of course compile our list to review the next day (and gossip about). Carol Shaw, creator of LORAC Cosmetics, is one of Hollywood’s most sought after makeup artists for red carpet events. She shares her secrets on how to get the top looks of this season.

SC: How can we best bring out our natural eye color with shadow? Which colors work best with which eye shadows?

Carol Shaw: Using color eye shadows makes your eyes pop! I love using plums with green eyes, grays and blues with blue eyes, and bronzes with brown eyes. I have used plums on Debra Messing’s green eyes, grays on Nicole Kidman’s blue eyes, and bronzes on Rachel Bilson’s brown eyes. I recommend LORAC’s new Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Star Struck (plum), Rockstar (blue), Star Studded (bronze/green), Evening Star (gray), and Superstar (bronze).

SC: Does the spring trend of bright, all-over eye shadow only work on certain complexions? Who can pull it off best?

CS: Young girls can pull off this trend the best and make it look fun and fresh. Usually, olive or darker skin tones look better in brighter colors (like bright yellow, orange, etc).

SC: Another big spring trend is colored eyeliner — is this best worn by itself? Should it only rim the top or the bottom lash line, and not both?

CS: Colored eyeliner can be worn alone or with color coordinated eye shadows in the same color family. It depends on the look you want. You can either do top liner by itself, or it is totally fine to use the color smudged for both top and bottom liner.

SC: The bold lip continues to be a huge trend. Which color works best on most people? And do you have any tricks for easier application?

CS: A gloss that has an intense pigment and payoff is an easy way to get a bold lip, yet still look natural. Plum shades look beautiful on most women, but so do reds, pinks, and peaches! I recommend LORAC’s new Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in Vivid (pink with gold 3D pearl) and Untamed (peach with pink 3D pearl), or Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Glam (plum rose with pearl) and Sheer Luxe (red).

SC: What shades of blush work best to dress up for an event? And which work best for every day?

CS: I am addicted to bronzer! I think the right bronzer looks great on all ages and skin types. I also like to add a pop of blush on the apples of the cheeks with the bronzer for a fresh, sun-kissed look. I recommend LORAC’s TANtalizer Baked Bronzer and Exposed Matte Satin Baked Blush (pink/peach with natural sheen).

SC: Which product do you rely on most, how do you apply it, and why do you love it?

CS: Personally and professionally, foundation is the key product to looking flawless. You can put color on your face, which helps you look better, but if you have not perfected your skin, you won’t look as beautiful as you should! Makeup is the foundation to looking beautiful; throughout time skin has been the essence of beauty.

Professionally, I can’t live without LORAC’s breakthough performance Anti-Aging Foundation. It makes skin look amazing (on and off the red carpet) while working beneath the skin’s surface to help you look younger and prettier! It is also oil and fragrance free, so it is good for sensitive skin and contains SPF to protect your skin as well. First I prime the skin, then I apply Breakthrough Performance Foundation all over with a sponge (you can use clean fingers or a makeup brush if you like), then I apply concealer under eyes to hide blemishes and then set it all with translucent touchup powder.

Personally, I can’t live without my Oil-Free Wet/Dry Powder Makeup. I am a working woman on-the-go and still prone to breakouts, so I need something that’s gentle, fast, and easy — that also covers! I first apply cover up under the eyes and on blemishes, then I apply the powder makeup with the sponge applicator it comes with (or a powder puff) using a patting motion for a perfect, even complexion!

With a hairstylist father and manicurist mother, it’s safe to say that LORAC creator Carol Shaw was born into the beauty business. Shaw got her start at a posh L.A. salon frequented by some of Hollywood’s most famous faces. Eventually she moved to fashion, working with world famous photographers and models, while racking up a slew of magazine cover credits. Her celebrity clientele grew so devoted, Shaw has been known to book up to a year in advance for the Academy Awards. Over the years, Shaw noticed her clients had the same grievances about skincare and makeup as she did. So, she set out to develop a line of products that met these standards, using the purest and mildest ingredients possible. Three years later, LORAC was born. Every product fulfills Shaw’s dream to design makeup that makes you look gorgeous like the stars do — without appearing as if you’re wearing much at all.

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