Instagram Insta-Glam: Loose and Messy Braids

Victoria Moorhouse
Instagram Insta-Glam: Loose and Messy Braids
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Giving a braid a romantic, “flowers in her hair” kind of vibe is as simple as messing it up after it’s been crafted or purposefully not fixing any fly-aways. Loose, messy braids are solid go-tos for days where you want to pull your hair out of your face without the sleek finish of a slicked-back high ponytail or braided ballerina bun. And if your braiding skills are still being sharpened—i.e. you can’t seem to get all your strands to stay in place even with the help of mousse or gel—you’re in luck. It’s supposed to seem undone and relaxed. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad pre-bob cut have made these ‘dos iconic, but a Google search of their past looks isn’t your only source for messy braid inspiration. Instagram users are embracing the loose braid, creating them with fishtail techniques, as tiny details in half-up styles, and more. We rounded up 7 looks (enough for you to try out one for a week!) to check out here.

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@whitneycornett created a messy Dutch side-braid that's too pretty not to try!

Photo: Instagram: @whitneycornett

Pull only half you hair back, leaving the rest down and wavy, with a tiny fishtail similar to the look by @shannonfreid.

Photo: Instagram: @shannonfreid

A messy fishtail braid, like the one @airahmorena08 is wearing, looks delicate and feminine when it's topped with a flower halo.

Photo: Instagram: @airahmorena08

Pulling together multiple loose fishtail braids, like @jamiewarsh did, creates a hairstyle with a ton of texture.

Photo: Instagram: @jamiewarsh

Braids wrapped around the crown of the head and pinned in place (similar to a milkmaid braid) is a updo idea for all those girls out there who typically hate all those polished, "no hair out of place" updos. Check out this look by @ambertcb

Photo: Instagram: @ambertcb

Pull your hair back in an effortless braided ponytail and secure it with an elastic similar to the look by @lineharbak above!

Photo: Instagram: @lineharbak

You don't have to know how to fishtail to get the messy braid look right! Pull your hair to the side and create a loose three-strand braid like the minimalistic look by @kellyphan and you're set!

Photo: Instagram: @kellyphan

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