These EmRata-Approved Nourishing Face Masks Are *Finally* Available at Ulta

Jasely Molina
These EmRata-Approved Nourishing Face Masks Are *Finally* Available at Ulta
Photo: Courtesy: The MEGA Agency.

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Attention! This is not a drill! *Grabs megaphone* LOOPS face masks are now available at Ulta! These Emily Ratajkowskiapproved no-mess, non-comedogenic (bye, bye pores!) and nourishing face masks target all your skin’s needs, from puffy skin to clogged pores—in just 10 minutes. And, for what seems like was a lifetime, they were only available directly through the LOOPS website. Until now. 

Our go-to beauty destination, Ulta, now has 11 of LOOPS’ most iconic face mask packs available for us to stock up on, including the variety pack, the under-eye mask set, and a skin reset mask. Which are we getting, you ask? All of them, of course.

See, unlike other face masks, these ones are built to be as durable as can be. They’re sturdy enough to hold (and actually stick) to your face, even when you’re doing chores around the house, or are in the middle of a commute. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you take the word of none other than EmRata herself, then. The LOOPS creative director told Byrdie that she signed on with the brand because the face masks were so game-changing for her daily life.

“Sheet masks traditionally slide off your face and that’s annoying,” she said. “I can’t lay like a mummy all the time. I have things to do, especially in the mornings.” But, with LOOPS, she “can do masks in a lot of different environments and in my life.”

Now, that’s enough praise to get us to click “check out.” Speaking of, peep our favorite LOOPs buys below.


Loops Face Masks

Courtesy: Loops.

Variety Loop Face Mask Set

The LOOPS variety set consists of 5 hydrogel masks that each have a special job to ensure that your skin is in tip-top shape. One user said: “Love all of these masks that you get in this variety pack love this brand!”

Loops Sunrise Service

Courtesy: LOOPS.

LOOPS Sunrise Service Face Mask

While your coffee is brewing in the morning, the Sunrise Service mask is there to wake your skin up. Packed with pumpkin extract, white flower complex and baobab oil, this restorative mask helps depuff and refine your skin while protecting it from harsh free-radical damage using probiotic antioxidants. Striving for that dewy, healthy skin glow?

LOOPS Double Take Face Mask Set

Courtesy: LOOPS.

LOOPS Double Take Face Mask Set

The Double Take masks give you that radiant look with sunflower seed oil and our favorite vitamin E (love, love, love!). Get five of these nourishing masks for $35. Not a bad deal. 

LOOPS Clean Slate Face Mask

Courtesy: LOOPS.

LOOPS Clean Slate Face Mask Set

If your skin needs a detox, the Clean Slate mask deeply cleanses, exfoliates, replenishes and soothes the skin with a delicate yet powerful combination of aloe vera, bamboo water, shea seedcake extract and volcanic ash. 

LOOPS Night Shift Face Mask Set

Courtesy: LOOPS.

LOOPS Night Shift Face Mask Set

When you’re ready for your beauty rest, plop on a Night Shift mask and let it restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Its key players include hydrolyzed collagen and cactus extract. 

Weekly Reset Face Mask Set

Courtesy: LOOPS.

LOOPS Weekly Reset Face Mask Set

After a long week at work, this Weekly Reset set will be your bestie. Made with honey and rice water extract, as well as Anti-Sebum complex (that removes excess oil without stripping the skin), these anti-aging masks replenish your skin while encouraging collagen production

Like we said, LOOPS has all your skin needs covered.