Look Like a Girl…Smell Like Your Man


While your makeup and clothes may have helped you get the guy, smelling good probably helped seal the deal.

Boys love all our scents; from cotton-fresh after-shower mists, to everyday fruity-citrus splashes, and especially sultry, nighttime floral combinations. But as much as they appreciate your girly fragrances, you must admit your equal (if not stronger) adoration of their rugged, boyish smells.

Although we not may not say it out loud, we’ve all been guilty of sneaking a spray here and a spritz there of our boyfriend’s best cologne. Maybe if the scent we were sampling was designed by a dominant female role-model we woudn’t have to hide it.

Kylie Minogue’s latest fragrance is helping us come clean. Inverse for Men is set to launch in Australia, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands this September.

The cologne, intended for men, features a widespread variety of fragrant ingredients. A strong base includes cedarwood, skin musk and condensed milk, balancing out the spicy and earthy top and middle notes (mandarin, lavender, nutmeg, and tonka beans).

So although Inverse is inspired by men and designed for men, we feel okay giving it a try once or twice, or more.

Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of marketing, told WWD “[…]in the case of Kylie Minogue, she has such a huge fan base of men and women — and now many women use men’s fragrances, so it made sense.”

Thanks Kylie, we appreciate the help!

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