How to Look Good Naked: The Best Fitness Tips

Aly Walansky
Photo: Ted Smith/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Photo: Ted Smith/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Reality check: There’s a lot more that goes into looking good naked than the right softening body lotions and scrubs. Diet and fitness are a crucial component of looking better with your clothes off, and feeling better, too. We scored some key tips from the experts—in this case, ladies whose livelihoods depend on looking amazing naked.

Find the routine that works for you.
Exercising and staying in shape is a major part of keeping a body looking “better” naked, says Nyomi Banxxx, former adult model and current owner of “I pick key parts of my body that I know need the most maintenance, like my legs. I start off with a nice 5 minute stretch and then a 15-minute jog to help warm up my leg muscles. Next I do three sets of squats, three sets of lunges, and leg lifts. I then focus on my tummy. I’m so old-school when it comes to this—I mix my abs workout with crunches and old school sit-ups, rotating in between sets. Honestly, I do between 50 and 100 depending on how I feel. And lastly, my butt—the good thing is when working on my legs I can tackle my butt using those same exercises. Some days, I’ll double up on the legs,” Banxxx says.

Unfortunately, there’s just no easy way or shortcut to staying fit. “As you get older, it just gets harder!,” laments adult film actress Joanna Angel. “I run 5 or 6 times a week, about 2 or 3 miles every time,” says Angel, who also takes group fitness classes once or twice a week to tone up her muscles. She also recommends tracking everything you eat on My Fitness Pal. “It’s a big pain, but it’s just what I have to do. If I pig out for a night, I’ll then then work out twice as hard the next day, so it all balances out somehow!,” she says.

Work on your cardio—and stick to it.
“Basic physical activities with some cardio are always best, as you stay fit and burn some fat. The key to not giving up is to pick something you enjoy doing, whether it’s sport, dance, or really anything! It has to be something you like that you have easy access to and is easy to fit into your schedule. Otherwise, you’ll give up!” says LittleRedBunny, a webcam model who was named the Queen of Cam Girls by

Build muscle.
“I think there are women who do a lot of dieting and cardio to look good naked, which is all great, but it’s also important to build muscle,” says Chanel Preston, an adult performer and host of NakedWithChanel. You don’t have to be a body builder, but building muscle helps to burn more fat and gives your body a more toned look. Include some light weights into your workout routine, and you’ll start to see a change.

Don’t forget about your posture.
When we were kids, our parents would admonish us to sit up straight. We’d rarely ever listen, but good posture is super important, and not just to avoid creating balance or alignment issues. It also can help you appear thinner! Think about it: When we’re slumped over, our excess fat folds. When we sit up straight, it doesn’t. That’s something to consider—especially when you’re naked.

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