Beauty Recipe: Athlete Chic

Augusta Falletta
girl wearing red lipstick


Whether you’re running late after pilates class or you simply have zero time to fully get yourself together post-workout, looking good after the gym can be a struggle. Sure, you can hit the showers, but unless you have time to stop home for a blow dry and some quality time with your vanity table, options are limited. Lucikly, there are a few key products and tricks that can help get you looking like a chic athlete in no time.

Headband: Push your post-workout hair out of your face and hide any kinks in the process with a thick black headband. Besides functioning as the perfect way to hide a bad hair day, headbands are (thankfully) also very much on trend right now. Even when you’re not working out, push on a thick band and you’ll be on-trend instantly!

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Lip Stain: Once you de-grime your face after your workout, it’s best not to immediately clog up your pores again. If you do brave the sans-foundation skin, brighten up your look with a lip stain. Light enough you won’t feel a thing and bold enough to infuse some color into your face, your favorite lip stain will do wonders post-workout (especially if you’re meeting up with friends for brunch).

Brow Gel: The most surefire way to look unkempt after spin class is to have your eyebrows completely out of place. Whether you opt for clear or tinted brow gel, grooming your brows will immediately clean up your look after the gym. Brush up and out for a full, manicured look.