Red Carpet Makeup Artists Tell Us How to Get Lipstick That Lasts



Celebrities look flawless from the start of the red carpet walk to the final speech, and it begs the question—how do they keep their makeup intact? (We doubt they get much down time to sneak in the powder room.) More specifically, how do they ensure makeup’s most troublesome product doesn’t bleed or smudge? Lipstick, we’re looking at you. We caught up with their right-hand men (and ladies) to get the down low on their long-lasting lipstick tricks for awards season.

Moisture is key.
“Start by exfoliating lips to rid them of dead skin cells, then apply a lip balm to lock in moisture and prevent and treat chapped lips. My Perfect Prep Lip Balm Duo & Gentle Lip Scrub is great for gentle lip exfoliation and moisturization.”
Mally Roncal, founder of Mally Beauty

Create a blank canvas.
Do apply your foundation on lips as well. It creates an even tone, and you get a truer lip color read.”
Felicia Alva, whose clients include Kate Hudson and Carmen Electra

Prevent feathering.
“Use a flesh-toned liner or highlighter to prevent feathering or bleeding of color. Use along the outer edge of the lip line.”

Layer, layer, layer.
“Red lips are best applied in layers. Fill your lips all the way in with a nude lip liner. Apply lipstick of choice and blot the excess product off with a tissue. Apply translucent powder on top of your lips, and then reapply the lipstick again.”
Daniel Chinchilla, Ariana Grande‘s go-to

Give the lips some security.
“I’ll apply a stain to ensure color stays put for hours. Once the stain is applied, I’ll layer a long wear lipstick or gloss in a color-coordinating shade on top. This way as the night goes on, celebs can eat, drink, and smile, and the color stays put even if the lipstick wears away.”
Joanna Schlip, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Physicians Formula

Set with spray.
“Keep in mind that darker and brighter colors tend to last longer [than others]. Finish with a setting spray over your lips to ensure the longest lasting color possible.”
Jessica Scantlin, Blushington’s resident celebrity makeup artist

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