10 Tricks For Long-Lasting Holiday Lip Color

Janell M. Hickman
Model with gold lipstick


‘Tis the season to look fabulous! But how do you look your best while sipping cocktails, nibbling on canapés and sitting down for a lavish holiday meal? Long-lasting lip color of course! Our experts will dish on how to keep your lipstick in tact through turkey, stuffing and even dessert. Who knows—some of these tricks may even score you a kiss underneath the mistletoe. Cheers!

1. Choose Your Color Wisely
“Think of Thanksgiving [or the popular Friendsgiving] like attending a traditional Sunday dinner,” explains Le Metier de Beaute Makeup Artist, Ivan Castro. “Keep it simple and keep it classy—avoid using intense lip colors that may move around while you’re conversing or eating. Instead, opt for a neutral pout that flatters your skin tone (like Le Métier de Beauté Cafe Creme Lip Creme), pretty eye makeup and thin black liner to make the eyes twinkle!”

2. Color Outside The Lines
“To get my lipstick or lip gloss to stay in bounds, I prep my lips with a clear brow wax,” shares Kelly Hanna Thompson, Senior Makeup Artist for Kryolan Professional Makeup. To execute this non-traditional beauty tip, she recommends lining the perimeter of your lips, slightly outside your natural lip line. “Not only will it fill fine lines, but it makes a smooth, ‘grippy’ surface for color to adhere to.”

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3. Layering Is Key
“I always suggest applying a lip stain in a coordinating color underneath your color of the evening,” shares David Birdwell, Global Director, Creative Artistry & Education at Jane Cosmetics. “As you feast and your lipstick or gloss color fades, you will still have your lips stained with the similar hue you started with.”

4. Prep With Balm
“The best way to keep color on the lip is to moisturize with a heavy lip balm and let it sit for 10 minutes,” says Castro.“When I’m done with the rest of the face, I take a tissue, swipe the lip removing the lip balm and any dead skin along with it. Now the lip is prepped and ready to be painted!”

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5. Sip With Sophistication
“The last thing you want is a glossy red lip imprint on your glass after you take the first sip of your drink,” emphasizes Nicole Tornincaso, Product Development and Makeup Artist for FLOWER Beauty. “Always have a straw handy [when drinking]. This is a [popular] secret backstage at Fashion Week—and a top model secret as well,” explains Birdwell.

6. Even The Score
“Lip color won’t crease or look uneven if your lips are in tip top shape,” shares Tornincaso. “Exfoliating your lips and  keeping them hydrated allows for a smooth, even canvas for lip color to lock onto.”

7. Find The Right Formula
“When in doubt, go for matte pencils and lipsticks which are less creamy and stay put longer,” shares Castro. “Cream lipsticks come in handy when lips are dry, but remember to fill in the mouth with a complimentary lip liner first to keep it stable.”

8. Powder Lightly
“Translucent powder is a double edge sword.  On one hand, they absorb the oil out of lip products, leaving just the color—but they can make the color feel and look chalky,” shares Thompson. As an alternative, Tornincaso recommends using a little foundation to “acts as a ‘middle man’ between your lips and lip color.”

9. Select Hydrating Ingredients
“Try to avoid phenoxyethanol, it’s a preservative that can cause some people lip irritation,” says Bird. “I love the Jane Cosmetics pH Adjusting lip gloss stains because they give you a custom color as it adjusts to your personal pH, but its also incredible hydrating.” He recommends embracing products consisting of vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and avocado seed oil to keep your pout luscious longer.

10. Don’t Discount Gloss
“I like to apply a layer of gloss (like FLOWER’s Shine On Lip Gloss in Plum Pansy), wait a few minutes until it ‘sets’ on my lips, and then re-apply,” shares Tornincaso. “Try applying right inside the lip line instead—if the gloss moves or bleeds, it will be less obvious.”