Long Hairstyles For Every Occasion: Your Go-To Guide

Rachel Adler
Long Hairstyles

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101 Easy Hairstyles to Try This Weekend
We always like to start off on an easy foot, so why not go with these easy looks (inspired by celebs)? Challenge yourself and try a new one each day!

10 Pinterest Hairstyles Perfect For Fall
When it comes to the breezy fall, all we want to do with our long hair is tie it back – these styles pull it up and out of your face so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

15 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair
Do you need an idea for your wedding and don’t know what to do with your long hair? We’ve got you covered.

Formal Hairstyles: 10 Looks For Any Occasion
Everyone thinks long hair is easy, but we know better. There are so many decisions to make with how to style it come a big event – so we took the grunt work out for you and pulled some inspiration…

Fake It Until You Make It: Longer Hair
Even when you have “long hair” we all want more. Learn how to fake length (sans extensions) until you get the true length that you really want.

Stunning Holiday Hairstyles Straight From Pinterest
One of the hardest things about hopping from event to event is coming up with a new look for each one, so we’re making it easier on you.

Headband Braid

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Summer Must For Long Hair: The Headband Braid
This braid can be worn no matter what the season, but we love a good way to hold our hair back when the weather gets warm (with our own hair)!

25 Prom Hairstyle How To’s For Long Hair
Want to do your own hair for the big night? Learn how with these tutorials.

101 Prom Hairstyles You Need to See
Going to prom? You need to click through this endless list of inspiration to figure out what to do with your long hair on the big night!

How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron
Make your one tool do more with this handy how-to guide (plus learn how to look like Kate Bosworth).

25 Tips For Never Having a Bad Hair Day Again
A bad hair day basically ruins your entire day – no matter what – so here’s how to avoid it altogether.

Braided Updo

Image via Pinterest; Source: TheBerry.com

How to Curl Your Hair: 10 Best YouTube Tutorials
Curling our hair is one of those processes that we all want to know (and be pros at) but it’s not as easy as it looks. Watch these beauty gurus do it, and then try it yourself.

20 Best Hair Tips You’ll Ever Read
Are you plagued by flyaways? Do you have crazy static in the winter months? Trust us, you need these tips.

How to Protect Your Ends While Growing Out Your Hair
The hardest part about growing out your hair (besides for trying to be patient) is keeping it healthy as you do it. Learn how to do just that, ends first.

Beauty Recipe for Gorgeous, Soft Waves
We all want to be Kim K., right? Well – maybe not her, exactly – but we’d like to have her hair. Get it, ASAP.

Fishtail Braid How To: 10 Best Video Tutorials on YouTube
The fishtail braid is no easy braid to master, but once you get the technique down you cannot be stopped. Watch these videos and practice, practice, practice!

Holiday Hairstyles: Get Glam Curls for Your Next Party
Want to infuse some old Hollywood glamour into your long hairstyles? Celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez taught us how to get glam curls, at home.

Fishtail Braid

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Beauty Recipe: The Messy Fishtail Braid
What’s better than one fishtail braid? Two of course! This model off-duty look is absolutely adorable, and a must to add into your long hair go-to’s.

Pinterest Haircuts: 10 Ideas for Your Fall Makeover
These haircut ideas don’t have to just be for fall. We know that any season means it’s time to search for a new ‘do, and we’re loving these looks for a little bit of hair inspiration.

Hair Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Wet Hair
A big part of having long hair, is caring for it. Learn what to do (and what not to do) when your hair is wet and drying!

8 Ways You’re Making Your Hair Look Thinner
Everyone wants long hair, but we want long, thick locks – make sure you’re not accidentally styling your hair to look too thin without realizing it.

Learn How to Banish Excess Oil From Your Hair
Most of the time, long hair takes awhile to dry, so we go days without washing it. Get rid of that excess oil with these tricks so you can prolong your blowouts.

Thick Hair: 8 Tricks For How to Get It
A thick, long head of hair is every girl’s dream – get that dream long hairstyle with these tips and tricks!