12 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Understand

Michelle Grossman
long hair


If you have naturally long hair, kudos to you, because you’re for sure the subject of some serious hair envy. On the flip side, you know firsthand that it isn’t always as glamorous as it appears to be. From constant tangles to being terrified of getting even the tiniest trim, having long hair is basically a full-time job, that sometimes you just wish you could take a day off from. For all of our fellow ladies who rock the long locks, we know the struggle can be real, so below, we’re taking a moment to recognize the top twelve problems that only you go through.

1. Being constantly asked if “that’s your real hair.” Yes, yes it is.

2. Followed up by “how did you get it so long?” I don’t get haircuts. Ever. That’s how.

3. The anxiety that comes along on the rare occasion that you actually do get a haircut. It’s terrifying, okay?

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4. When you trusted the hairdresser to take as little off as possible, and instead she took off a whole inch, and now you feel like you have a bob, even though your hair’s still down to your belly button. #Normal.

5. Having to clear your schedule on the days you actually want to style your hair, because styling those strands is seriously time consuming.

6. The never-ending amount of split ends.

7. Having to have a scrunchie (or four) around your wrist at all times.

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8. Air-drying your hair just isn’t an option.

9. And, blow-drying it takes forever too.

10. Getting it caught or stuck any and everywhere. In the drain. In your lipgloss. In your jacket zipper. Even in the car door, yay!

11. How having a ponytail is like being armed with a weapon. One quick turn and it’s undoubtedly going to smack anyone who’s nearby right in the face. Sorry.

12. The love-hate relationship you have with it. Long hair, you’re a pain to maintain, but it just wouldn’t be the same without you.