Long, Flirty, False Lashes All the Rage in the UK


Lush lashes have long been associated with the feminine gaze, be it demure or coltish– you know, the look that subtly or not-so-subtly lures boys over from across the bar. It’s not surprising, then, that the Guardian reports false eyelashes are the accessory to be seen wearing in the UK this year. In British mass-market beauty store Superdrug eyelash sales are up 10%; sales are up 30% in department store Selfridges. And for those of you lacking in the motor skills department (and are down with another person gluing fringe on your eyelids), lash bars where professionals will fit your falsies are popping up at a quick clip.

Though we don’t have hard numbers on eyelash sales in the US, the trend will probably hop the pond as fast and furiously as TopShop. We’ve already reported on eyelash extensions and prescription-only eyelash enhancing drops…we’re just waiting for our own Get Lashed. And, if you aren’t into long, thick lashes on your eyes, or are just naturally endowed, you can always wear them on your t-shirt.

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