Lollipop Lipstick Is a NSFW Trend That Gives You Just-Hooked-Up Lips

Lollipop Lipstick Is a NSFW Trend That Gives You Just-Hooked-Up Lips
Photo: ImaxTree

Think back to the last time you had a quick make-out session with lipstick, balm, or gloss on your lips. Remember the end result? That smudgy, faded, streaky mess that you had to scrub off of your face—and your partner’s face—lest you tell the world that you just smashed mouths in a dark corner of the bar for 20 minutes. But the new trend in lipstick is, well, exactly that: Smudgy, WTF-is-that lipstick, fondly called “lollipop lips.” And, yeah, we’re confused.

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The look, which was first seen on the Preen By Thornton Bregazzi runway and Gypsy Spot a few weeks ago, was created by M.A.C. makeup artists, using a mix of lipstick and lip glosses smudged outside the lip lines, giving you the appearance that you just sucked on a lollipop, or a popsicle, or, like, another person’s lips.

And here is where we step back, nod, throw our hand ups, and declare, “FASHUN!” Because 99 percent of you will never, ever wear this look in real life, despite how weirdly cool it looks. If you do want to recreate the look on yourself, though, just slather a bunch of lip products on your face and make out with someone, or something (may we suggest the back of your hand?). Still, this is a trend that’s most likely going to take over your social media channels for at least one week, so even if you hate it, you’re at least now in the loop. Now go forth and keep doing what you’re doing.

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