‘Dear White People’ Star Logan Browning Swears by This Brand for Her Curls

‘Dear White People’ Star Logan Browning Swears by This Brand for Her Curls
Photo: Photo: Getty Images

You may be surprised to learn that Logan Browning didn’t start rocking her signature curls until college. In a recent interview with Glamour, the “Dear White People” star recalled a time when she thought straight hair made her more attractive.

“And [when I was] growing up in the South, getting my hair done once a week was a thing. By college, I had never seen it curly. I was curious. I don’t even know how to explain the feeling that I get from being a curly girl. There’s a whole new personality,” she said.

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But as she grew comfortable in her natural texture, the 29-year-old soon discovered that it can be difficult to achieve those picture-perfect spirals. So after much trial-and-error, Browning finally discovered DevaCurl, which has become the go-to brand for her daily routine. Her regular rotation includes the No Poo-Original cleanser and Heaven in Hair deep conditioner, followed by a mix of B’Leave-In Curl Plumper and Arc Angel Gel.

“I twist it up in a towel turban and let it air-dry because I like my hair to be really big. Then there’s a lot of shaking and pulling,” she also said.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: going au naturel will always be on-trend. So if you’ve got textured  curls like Browning, don’t be afraid to embrace them. Unplug that flat iron, and opt for some DevaCurl instead. The results may surprise you!