Locks of Love: Hair makeovers that help kids with cancer

Megan McIntyre
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WOW!! I just came back from my hometown of Killeen, Texas. Elvis Presley was stationed there in the 50’s; Anne Margaret was there to entertain the troops; and Jessica Simpson set up camp there too for some of her movies. Fort Hood is the LARGEST army base in the free world.

Locks of Love recipient beforeBefore Locks of Love

I was there a few weeks ago to do an event for Locks of Love. It is an organization that accepts human hair to make wigs for kids with cancer who have lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments. It is an AMAZING organization that helps kids cope with losing their hair.

Locks of Love recipient afterAfter Locks of Love

At the event, we cut 82 ponytails and raised over $2,000!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? I am so proud. A friend of mine owns Ashley Furniture in Killeen and that’s where we decided to have the event. There were 8 hairdressers including Zan Ray of Zan Ray Salon, Lisa Lethco and Cassidy Quick from the Texas Hair Company, Julie Cole and Valerie McPheron from Highlights Hair Salon, and Garmil Land of Shelly’s Design Studio. We had a great time!

Feels so wonderful to be able to give back and make a difference.

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