Locker Room Beauty Etiquette Every Woman Should Know

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One guaranteed way to get on the bad side of everyone in your spin class? If you ask me, it’s taking over the locker room post-workout and spending 20 minutes shampooing in the shower while there’s a line of seven incredibly exhausted (and now insanely stressed out) women behind you. We’re all in there trying to get appropriate (or a little less pungent) for work, so let’s share the love, but more specifically, the mirror space, shall we?

Locker room beauty etiquette is important, so here are some simple common courtesies you might consider following while doing your hair and makeup in a cramped space.

Try to limit your shower time.
Finding a workout studio that actually offers a shower room is hard enough. Taking your sweet time standing under the scalding hot water not only sucks for your skin, but it’s really annoying for everyone else who wants to get to work on time smelling somewhat OK. I get that showering is enjoyable (if my hair would allow it, I’d take three a day), but this is a shared shower head. Jump in, rinse off, shampoo, and call it a day.

Keep your things together.
This isn’t your personal dressing room, although that would be nice! If you can, try to keep your things together in one spot. If your clothes are on the bench and your makeup is spread all over the counter top, no one else can A) sit down or B) wash their faces. Try keeping your things in one spot. Plus, it’s less cleanup for you in the end.

Clean up your splashes.
You’re rinsing off your cleanser, and you accidentally splash a little water on the counter. NBD—if you wipe it off. But when you leave behind puddles on the counter top that those around you accidentally lean into and soak their blouses in? Then we have a problem.

If you’re going all out with heat tools, share the space.
When you find a free outlet in Starbucks, you cherish and protect that electrical socket like it’s your first-born child. In the locker room? You lunge for it, of course, but you don’t dominate the space or the electricity for an obscene amount of time. If you’re using the top socket, let someone else plug in their tool on the bottom. Also, try to be courteous of others’ time. This is not the time and place to practice using that new straighter you haven’t quite mastered yet.

Keep the products the studio provides neat and clean. And yes, you should use them!
Finding a workout studio that offers free beauty products like face wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, and hair ties is amazing. You should definitely take advantage of using them (hello, they’re free!), but don’t forget to put them back neatly when you’re done.

Don’t get frazzled!
Going through your beauty routine can be one of the easiest ways to chill out and relax before a busy workday. And while it’s polite to take a quick shower and share mirror space, you shouldn’t feel horribly rushed…or walk out onto the street with suds still in your hair. There may be a lot of people around you, but focus on one thing at a time and remain calm. It’ll make going through the motions of getting ready so much more enjoyable. Personally, when I’m rushed, I find that I make so many more makeup mistakes.

When it comes to locker room counter tops and dry shampoo, sharing definitely is caring. Corny, but true. Your gym mates will thank you.

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