L’Occitane Heritage Boutique Store Tour

Amanda Elser
L’Occitane Heritage Boutique Store Tour
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You may not think that right next to the Shake Shack on E 86th you could find a little slice of French country side, but stumble into the L’Occitane heritage boutique at 180 E. 86th and be transported.

Amidst the colorful displays, rustic tiled floors, and a vintage car are intricate layouts of all of L’Occitane’s classic products along with a few special Holiday packages. There is a blown up image of L’Occitane founder Olivier Baussan during the very beginning of L’Occitane’s beginnings hanging in the back of the store and hanging along the walls are images of the fields and the men who harvest the ingredients in L’Occitane products. Baussan says: “Each of the products of L’Occitane are a way to carry on traditions.”

Check out the slideshow above to see the special details in every nook and cranny!

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Holiday displays greet costumers when they walk in the door. Holiday packaging are a L'Occitane speciality and each one of the Delice des Fleaurs and Delice des Fruits mimic that of a candy box. 

These 13 desserts are traditional in the region of Provence. Eat one of each during the Holidays for luck! 

The green vintage car stationed in the back of the store is a replica of the car in the blown up image behind it. Baussan used the car during his first days of L'Occitane. 

Along the walls, rustic shelving holds the many L'Occitane products, including their men's products. 

An old fashion bucket sink sits towards the back of the store for consumers to wash their hands and start anew testing products! 

Vintage seating gives the boutique a cozy, at home, feeling. 

L'Occitane boutique has a hair specialists to help you determine which haircare products are best for you. 

Natural ingredients can be found scattered about the store and in every corner. 

A wall of Polaroids hangs towards the back, making every customer a part of the L'Occitane family and heritage. 

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