Lizzo’s Halloween Manicure Is Gross and Cute at the Same Time

Elizabeth Denton
Lizzo’s Halloween Manicure Is Gross and Cute at the Same Time
Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s about two weeks until Halloween, which is when planning a costume starts to get serious. While not exactly last minute, there are only a few non-work days to run around and grab what you need. That could include a creepy-cool manicure. Well, Lizzo is here with Halloween nail art you might want to bookmark. She hasn’t posted the look on her own Instagram yet but Popsugar spotted the “spooky drip” nails on her nail artist’s page. And wow, I’m glad they did because they are epic.

Eri Ishizu is a New York-based nail artist who Lizzo has seen before. Remember those incredible “woodgrain” nails she rocked at the BET Awards? The ones that matched her dress? Ishizu was responsible for them, too. Girl is talented as hell. These new nails are perfect for Halloween but don’t have skeletons or pumpkins or anything obviously Halloween so they won’t look off come November 1.

Ishizu calls the look ” spooky drip” because it’s a play off the popular drip nail art. The red shade resembles blood of course, but the little hearts make it more cute than icky.

It feels like nail art is making a bit of a comeback. For a minute there, manicures were much more simple and neutral, maybe with little crystal details. But with the launch of new collections, like OPI x Hello Kitty, for example, people are getting really creative with nail art. Why do a basic color from the Hello Kitty collection when you can actually get little a little Hello Kitty on your nails?

So much nail inspo, so little time.