This Split-End Sealing Lotion May Just Render Regular Haircuts Obsolete

Rachel Krause


Time heals all wounds, with the exception of split ends. Once the damage is done, it is impossible to reverse. So much more traumatizing than a breakup, in my opinion.

A proper trim is the only way to do away with split ends for good, which is why I find myself in the salon chair twice a year in my effort to grow out my totally shot hair, anxious and insisting that I just want a dusting of the ends, with minimal loss of length. I want so badly for there to be some magic solution that I can just apply like any old hair product and find my frayed ends soft, shiny, and sealed.

I am almost certain that Living Proof had me and not their celebrity spokesperson Jennifer Aniston in mind when they created my new favorite Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut Split End Mender ($24). Jennifer Aniston may be kind of boring, but she probably doesn’t have split ends. This fast-absorbing, lightweight lotion boasts that it’s the “next best thing to a haircut,” which is not altogether encouraging to me as a person who believes that haircuts are horrible. I get it, though.

living proof perfect hair day fresh cut split end mender This Split End Sealing Lotion May Just Render Regular Haircuts Obsolete

A lot of products that promise to make split ends look less … split have a too-thick texture that doesn’t reduce the appearance of split ends so much as just kind of hold ‘em down. This one, however, has “instant zip technology,” which is 100-percent a made-up thing but nonetheless actually makes hair look smoother instead of like you were recently electrocuted. My hair looks fine after it air-dries and I use a smoothing serum, but the real issue arises when I blow-dry it. Heat styling brings my split ends out in full, aggressive force.

To be fair, I haven’t been using the mender when I air-dry—I have a patented trifecta of styling products that I use for these occasions, which I am scared to deviate from. But a blow-dry with the product vs. without it is markedly healthier-looking than one without it, even on day four or five. After a months-long affair with lots and lots of bleach, my hair is still very sick, so for it to suddenly become the picture of (fair but still not spectacular) health is rather impressive. Plus, because this lotion is so lightweight, you can use a dab on dry hair, too, to keep it on the up and up.

I am most excited, however, about its off-label use—if my ends can look this acceptable just from using a certain product, I probably never have to get a haircut again. Excellent.