The New Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast Is the Only Texturizing Spray You Need for Soft, Sexy, Lived-In Hair

Rachel Krause


Soft, sexy, gravity-defying hair, with lived-in waves and bends and effortless roll-in-the-hay volume, has become the go-to style for cool girls everywhere. (If you need proof, just look at Instagram.)

Naturally, everywhere you turn you’ll find a new product or five offering messy, modern texture in a bottle. Some work, others don’t, many leave hair sticky, dirty-looking, or flatter than it was to begin with after an hour. By now I’ve accepted this as an inevitability: If I want my fine, flat hair to look three times its (very small) size, it’s gonna have to get a little grimy, right?

Wrong—because now, Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast ($29 for 7.5 oz, $15 for 3 oz; at Living Proof) exists, for a wild, mussed-up effect that lasts, without that sticky, crunchy, straw-like feeling.

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Thanks to science, this is not your average texturizing spray: For starters, it’s powered by Expandable Textured Aero-Spheres, or ETAS, a brand new patent-pending technology developed by the brand’s team of biotech scientists and beauty researchers to deliver major volume and texture to the hair without weighing it down or leaving residue behind. The spheres are impossibly lightweight, and within the spray’s proprietary formula they combine with special polymers to deposit texture between each hair fiber, so you see the volume but can’t feel it. Srsly.

The ~blast~ doesn’t hit store shelves until September, but you can snag it today on Living Proof’s website and online at Sephora. And fair warning: When the instructions say “shake well,” they aren’t kidding. ETAS is so weightless that it floats to the top of the can, so mixing it all together is essential. Shake very, very well, spritz from root to tip, and your hair will reach new heights, guaranteed. As they say in Texas, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

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