Livin’ On The Edge


Inspired by Meg’s Resolutions, The Maldives, Cool Peeps and a Sea Creature post, I went to Sundance to “live life to the absolute fullest”. In three days, I did anything and everything: from snowboarding, to skiing, to snowmobiling. At night I went to party, after party, after after-hours party. It was a blast to say the least, but I have to admit, my fun was not exactly consequence-free.

Thursday morning I was picked up by pro-snowboarder Marie-France Roy, outfitted head-to-toe in sick Oakley gear, and taken out on the slopes. I’ve skied since I was 3 years old, but going down a black diamond, on a snowboard, on my first run of the day was a little much. One might say that my bruised butt is actually an exact representation of the black and blue color slopes I attempted with Ms. Roy. After learning how to ollie, do nose to tail rolls, and even peguin racing (that’s where you slide on your stomach, face first down the mountain with your snowboad in the air) I declared it my best, and most painful, day of boarding ever.

After work I’m putting my livin’-on-the-edge lifestyle on hold and heading to my neighborhood’s all-natural market. I’m going to pick up some Weleda Arnica oil, which is known to help restore tired, aching muscles, and load-up on fresh juice in hopes of healing my liver.