A Little Relief


You know when you’re on the subway and the passenger next to you sneezes? And then you get in your work elevator and a fellow worker starts coughing? You just know you’re going to get sick. Personally I’ll do anything to not touch the handle on a cab door due to potential germs. And I’d rather stumble on the subway than actually touch one of the handrails. But in wintertime it’s inevitable that you’re going to get sick at least once. You start feeling feverish, then you get a stuffy nose, maybe a cough, and then you officially have a cold. And there’s not much else you can do.

My new favorite cold relief remedy is this cute aromatherapy roll-on stick from Bath and Body Works. It smells like eucalyptus (which reminds me of home), spearmint and lavender. If you roll it on your chest or where ever you feel congestion you feel a little relief, naturally.