Little Girls Get The Beauty Treatment, Walmart Gets Creepy?

Little Girls Get The Beauty Treatment, Walmart Gets Creepy?
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As the oldest of two girls, I was always the guinea pig for my parents’ experiments in discipline and rules. Among the laundry list of no-you-can’t’s were my requests to have a cell phone, to go on dates, and of course, to wear makeup. Full of the usual excuses, my mother told me ‘You don’t need it’ or ‘You’re beautiful just the way God made you’ or, my personal favorite, ‘You should take advantage of this time! Pretty soon you’re going to actually need it!’ Much to my aggravation, the same rules did not hold up when my sister hit that point in puberty when the I-want-to-wear-makeup hormones kick in. While I had to sneak Maybelline Great Lash Mascara into the middle school bathroom before class to tint my pale lashes, little sis was getting Sephora gift sets in her Christmas stocking.

Apparently the trend still holds true. Just flip open Vogue Paris and you’ll see that little ones are doing more and more at younger and younger ages. Case in point? Walmart’s new cosmetics line geoGIRL. The line of beauty products, set to launch on February 25th, is directly marketed to the ripe old age range of 8-12. For those of you too old to conceptualize this (I had to count it out on my fingers!), an 8 year old is generally a third grader. The line is the replacement for Walmart’s veteran tween retailers, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. GeoGIRL’s range of products includes everything your little girl could need to pamper and primp, to glitz and gloss, from cosmetics to bath products. Making their overt marketing ploys all the more evident, the products are given kitschy text-lingo names like the mascara called FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) or the URA* (You Are A Star) FaceShimmer because isn’t every 8 year old a texting fiend now anyway?

In a valiant effort to win the mom vote, geoGIRL stays in the wallet-friendly price zone of $3.99 to $5.99. In its defense, the beauty line does offer products made from natural ingredients and is packaged from recyclable materials. So if all else fails, at least geoGIRL is eco-friendly. And for those moms throwing around my mother’s repertoire of excuses, the cosmetics are anti-aging to boot! So your little princess can get to work on those fine lines, pronto.

P.S. At a mere 21 years of age, I have recently noticed two sneaky little lines settling in across my forehead. Where was geoGIRL when I was a pre-pubescent elementary schooler??

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Remember those little Lolita-esque tots from Vogue Paris?

URA* (You Are A Star) FaceShimmer

FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) Feather Lash Mascara

J4G (Just 4 Grins) Lip Balm SPF 15

KOC (Kiss On Cheeks) Cream Blush

GR8 (Great) Lipshine

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