Lisa Eldridge Shares Her Summer Beauty Tips

Alle Connell

If you’re a beauty fan, you already know that there’s nobody bigger and more influential than acclaimed makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She began posting her signature high-quality, easy to follow beauty videos to her YouTube channel in 2009 and immediately became a vlogging sensation. And when she was announced as Lancome’s Global Makeup Creative Director earlier this year, beauty-lovers went wild: with her refined yet fun cosmetic sensibilities, we can’t think of a better person to creatively guide such a venerable beauty brand.

lisa eldridge lancome

Photo: Lancome

So when we got the opportunity to sit down with Lisa and talk everything beauty, you better believe that we leapt at the chance. We hung out and had a glass of wine with Lisa while she shared all of her summer beauty secrets.

First of all: When you meet Lisa Eldridge, she does not shake your hand. She hugs you. Though we’re sitting in a room filled with pictures of her face, Lisa is genuine, warm and sweet, quick to laugh and even quicker to give the people around her thoughtful and sincere compliments. She is, in real life, exactly the way she seems in her videos.

We laugh and talk about her upcoming book about the history of makeup, and then it’s down to business: she’s travelled all over the world, and done makeup in every climate imaginable. So what’s her ultimate summer beauty tip?

Unsurprisingly, it’s properly preparing your skin for makeup—and unlike many makeup artists who have a one-size-fits-all approach to skin prep, Lisa stresses that knowing your own skin type is crucial. “Everyone wants really fresh looking, dewy skin,” she tells us. “But if you’ve got oily skin, it’s a bit of a challenge because there’s a fine line between greasy and dewy. So it really depends on the prep you do first.”

“If you’ve got oily skin, the first thing you should apply is an oil-absorbing moisturizer or primer, and if you have dry skin, a regular moisturizer will do,” she says. “And then on top of that, use a really light, natural looking foundation.”

But then this raises the question: how do we control summer-induced shine while also retaining that coveted dewy complexion? The secret, says Lisa, is not powdering your entire face like a doughnut. “My trick, and what I always tell people, is to just powder where you need to,” she tells us. “I always just powder the T-zone and leave the cheeks with shine. It’s a much more natural look.”

lisa eldridge lancome

Photo: Lancome

And some well-placed blush really helps enhance that natural, effortless look. “A bit of pink on the cheeks is great, I love a pink cheek,” Eldridge says. “It just makes you look instantly woken up and fresh.”

“Then you need something that’s waterproof around the eyes, or at least smudge-proof,” she tells us, widening her own eyes for emphasis. “And then something that’s balmy for the lips. Even if it’s got strong pigment, I think something that feels kind of nice and summery, with lovely bright color, for lips.”

And when it comes to lips, there’s only one color for summer as far as Lisa’s concerned. “I like bright pinks,” she says. “I just think that popsicle-y, fun, really sheer bright pinks are right for summer.”

So if she, Lisa Eldridge, the most famous makeup artist in the world, had to pick just one makeup look to live in this summer, what would it be? “Oh, I can’t choose!” she exclaims, taking our hands. “I like to do like a pinky, flushed look with pink lips and cheeks. Or I do a paler, nude lip with some bronzer. It’s a minimal, tone on tone look that’s very simple and very chic.”

Chic and simple? She’s truly a woman after our own hearts. With her tips, we’re sure to have the very best, most glamorous summer yet.

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