Liquid Liner Technique 18: Cut Crease

Sable Yong

Around the time mod was exploding into pop culture, eye makeup was getting more and more adventurous. Mary Quant made the scene with her colorful eye makeup palettes and liner and eye shadow were adorning eyes in ways they had before. This is around when the cut crease became really popular as way to draw attention to your eyes by essentially outlining its natural creases. This might look easy, but there’s a bit of a learning curve. Starting with a cat eye, extend the wing outwards and upwards a bit more than usual and then from the tip, draw what you can construe as another wing going in the opposite direction, extending halfway back towards the middle¬†of your eyelid. When your eyes are shut, you’ll most likely not see the cut crease, but every blink (or when just looking downwards) becomes that much more dramatic.

Using a brush-tipped liner is great for making sleek wing-shapes in one stroke. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner¬†gives you a great opaque liner in one brush.