3 Ways to Make Applying Liquid Eyeliner a Thousand Times Easier

Shannon Farrell
Taylor Swift cat eye

Photo: Getty Images

There is no better way to create a precise cat eye than with liquid eyeliner. But even we can admit it’s not the easiest product to use. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned that make application a thousand—yes a thousand—times easier.

Always Go Waterproof
For strong, smudge-free liner, you want the product to set almost immediately. And a waterproof liner does just that. Our new favorite is Eyeko London Liquid Eyeliner from the new Alexa Chung Eye Do Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner Set ($39, sephora.com). The thin tip allows you complete control as you draw—going thick or thin—and the product dries in about five seconds.

Perfect the Lines
Liquid eyeliner highlights mistakes. The lines need to be completely smooth from end to end. If your hand isn’t steady, prop your elbow up on the bathroom counter or vanity.

Forget the Do-Overs
Did the product dry too quickly? Erase mistakes with a q-tip dipped in foundation or tinted moisturizer. Never go for the makeup remover. The last thing you want is a patch of clear skin with a full set of makeup.

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